About us:

Innov’Coat, born in 2009 as a joint-venture between the French company Cromology and the Turkish company InovNano and based in Gebze (at the entrance of Istanbul, Turkey), is a functional coating developer and manufacturer, that creates customized solution for any kind of surfacing materials.

Thanks to its team of chemists and engineers, Innov’Coat is capable to provide technological solutions for a wide range of issues, creating and adapting coatings that can generate a substantial competitive advantage for the products they are applied on.

Innov’Coat has already successfully helped several material manufacturers (ceramic, glass, metal) as well as companies from different industries (electronic appliance, automotive, furniture, …) to become more innovative, solve technical issues or create new products.

Shareholders and Management

Innov’Coat is a joint venture (50%-50%) nanotechnology company of Cromology Group (France) and Inovnano (Turkey)

Members of the Board

  • Loic Derrien
    CEO, Cromology Paints
  • Gülsen Çeliker
    Inovnano Founding Partner,
    Chief Technical Officer
  • Hüseyin Çeliker
    Inovnano Founding Partner,
    Managing Director
  • Bernard Chapuis
    Supply Chain and R&D Director, Cromology Paints