Thanks to a team of chemists experts and engineers, Innov’Coat R&D department is capable to provide tailor made solution for any client.

In order to create the best coating for the clients, in Innov’Coat labs this is the standard process:

• Analyze the surface of the material to understand its characteristics
• Research the best combination of elements to provide the functions required from the coating
• Study the most appropriate application process to guarantee a long-lasting durability
• Make several trial applications and test them before delivering to the clients so they can evaluate different alternatives to choose the best solution

Innov’Coat products are all researched and developed for industrial applications.


Depending on the material or the product the coating is applied on, different application processes can be suitable: for this reason Innov’Coat is available to study case by case the best (and cheapest) way to apply its solutions by reducing to the minimum the consumption, always considering:

• The characteristics of the material
• The duration required
• The actual production process

Thanks to a wide experience in the coating industry for several industries, Innov’Coat can provide support to define the best process, adapt existing machineries or create new ones to add to the production line.