What is a functional coating?

Functional coatings are thin films that can be applied on a surface in order to provide a new set of properties to a specific material or to improve its existing characteristics.

Films can be customized through the combination of different functions, depending on clients’ needs, in order to create the desired solution.

Innov’Coat products are inorganic mainly silicium based coatings (not organic as most of the polymeric products available on the market) functionalized with metals, metal oxides and minerals.

What are the properties I can add to my material?

Common properties includes:
Fire retardant
High temperature resistance
UV resistance
Oleophobicity (anti-finger prints)
Corrosion resistance
Abrasion and scratch resistance
Easy clean
Self-cleaning ( photocatalytic)
Air depolluting
Alkali and acid resistance

Most of these functions can be combined into the same coating in order to obtain a unique solution which is capable to solve some materials issue and provide marketing value at the same time

How functional coatings will look like on my material?

Thanks to the usage of nano-structured elements which are incorporated into a Sol-gel, Innov’Coat is capable to create a film which is extremely thin (starting from 100 nm up to a maximum of 2-3 microns) when compared with other products in the market (up to 50-60 microns).

This allows the coating to adapt itself to the materials’ surface structure without changing their appearance (coatings are transparent) and the touching effects, unless request. In fact, for certain materials, Innov’Coat can provide special properties as limitless color options or soft/warm touch, in order to support the design of the products as well.

How long the coating will last?

Innov’Coat coatings are studied to bond with the surface required in the strongest possible way, in order to be part of the material itself.

Instead of using physical bonds , Innov’Coat creates a covalent bond between the coating and the surface, which guarantee the longest possible duration of the functions.

Are functional coatings using nanotechnologies? Are they harmful?

Functional coatings are structurally bonded with the surface on which are applied and tests for migration levels show how that they never leave the material. For this reason they can be considered completely harmless.

Moreover, even though Innov’Coat coatings are created by structuring nanoparticles in a matrix, they are not at nano-scale themselves (bigger than 100 nanometer), so there is no danger in their application on materials.

What are the advantages of using functional coatings?

Functional coatings provides several advantages:
• Allows materials to have new functions. As per their structure a material can’t be used for a certain application: natural materials suffer humidity , oxygen and UV light, metals can corrode easily, plastic surfaces can be scratched, glass is hard to keep clean,… Functional coatings are capable to solve those issues and make materials more suitable for any projects.

• Cut manufacturing costs. The application of functional coatings could allow to reduce the number of production processes, the amount of product used to treat certain material and to significantly reduce the maintenance costs.

• Eco-friendly. Functional coatings helps companies and customers to respect the environment. From the industrial point of view, thanks to its composition, avoids the usage of hazardous materials and through its thickness reduces the consumption of product applied. From the customer point of view, for many materials, reduces the maintenance efforts (and consequently the amount of water, detergents or energy) and increase the lifetime of products.