Some example of industrial applications

Ceramic tile protective coating

For one of the world biggest ceramic manufacturer, Innov’Coat developed a product which can combine a superior protection of the surface against scratches and living organisms (from bacteria to mold and moss) and makes it extremely easy to clean at same time.

Moreover, the technology makes these ceramic tiles (when applied for facades covering) anti-graffiti and capable to clean themselves, and can be provide both transparent or in limitless color options.

Easy-to-Clean & Self-cleaning carpet

For a big manufacturer of carpets, Innov’Coat created a unique solution to protect the fibers against any type of dirt. The material, which can work with any type of fiber, provide a very efficient anti-stain property to the carpet, making almost any type of dirt easily removable by dry wiping. Even when some dirt may remain stuck to the surface, the photocatalytic function, included into its innovative formulation, makes the coating capable to destroy the particles and bring back the carpet as newly bought. The self-cleaning function only requires natural or artificial light to be activated.

Moreover, the material makes the carpet anti-bacterial and does not affect its original softness

Anti-Fire wallPaper

For one of the biggest European wallpaper manufacturer, Innov’Coat developed a special treatment to significantly increase the resistance of the surface against fire. This treatment doesn’t affect the wallpaper’s appearence or its flexibility, and works with any type of surface and backing materials.

Very high temperature resistant treatment for cold rolled steel

For a leading international metal producer, Innov’Coat developed a coating which is resistant up to 1000⁰C, protecting the surface against flash corrosion and damages.

Weathering-protective coating for urban concrete

For a French company that manufactures precast concrete, Innov’Coat created a multifunctional coating that protects the surface from weathering agents (such as Uv-light, corrosion, living organisms, acids,..). In particular, the coating helps precast concrete to be suitable for specific applications such as walkways or urban furniture.

Anti-scratch coating for plastic sheets

For one of the biggest plastic manufacturer, Innov’Coat developed a product capable to provide a strong protection against scratches and abrasions for plastic sheets, in order to enlarge the range of possible applications. The coating is also completely transparent, which is extremely important to maintain the visibility through the material.

Easy-to-Clean coating for devices working at high temperature

For one of the world biggest manufacturer, Innov’Coat developed a coating to apply on glass substrates, in order to make the dirt which stick onto its surface extremely easy to remove.

Thanks to its combination of omniphobicity, even the strongest dirt can be taken away with a small efforts, most of the time without even having to use detergents..

Anti-fingerprints treatment

For a global manufacturers, Innov’Coat developed a treatment to avoid the fingerprints to remain on metal and glass surfaces.

Self-cleaning coating for windows frames

For a global windows plastic frames manufacturer, Innov’Coat created a solution to keep the external part always clean as new, without the need of maintenance.

Thanks to the photocatalytic process enabled by the sunlight, Innov’Coat coating is capable to destroy any dirt that can stick to the frame surface and clean itself without any additional effort.

Anti-stain coating for household fabrics

For one of the biggest textiles manufacturer, Innov’Coat developed a product to protect household fabrics against any type of stains. Its exclusively composition, which combines high hydrophobicity and oleophobicity, can keep the surface clean against food and liquids, without altering the natural softness of the fibers. The treatment can be applied on natural or artificial fiber and is tested for a high amount of washing cycles.