InnovFlex Anti-Fire

InnovFlex Anti-Fire is a new product created by Innov’Coat to protect fibers and textile products against flames. The coating, which can provide same properties of InnovFlex SoftClean as well (stain resistance, self-cleaning, anti-bacterial) is an efficient flame retardant which can be really useful to replace other type of coatings (harmful for the environment) or to obtain certification for specific purposes (for example in contract or automotive).

Properties and Advantages
FIRE RESISTANCE: improve significantly the flame resistance of fibers and textiles.
SUPER HYDROPHOBICITY: repels most of the liquids to avoid stains and allowing to remove most of the liquids from the surface by simple dry wiping
SELF-CLEANING: destroys all the dirt and stains on a surface and allows to remove them without any efforts
ANTIBACTERIAL: Kills a higher percentage of living organisms on the surface (compare to uncoated surfaces) that can be harmful
UV-LIGHT PROTECTION: fights the aging effect of materials due to sun exposure, without the yellowish effect typical of organic coating (InnnovFlex is an inorganic coating)
Surface / Material
  Natural fibers
Syntethic fibers
Fabrics and textiles
  Home and contract textiles (bed linen, table linen, curtains, carpets,..)