InnovMeta Shield

InnovMeta Shield is a solution created to protect metal surfaces under harsh conditions. Its formulation guarantee a strong resistance against corrosion, abrasions, scratches, high temperature, chemicals, living organisms, making this product the perfect solution to make products’ lifetime longer and reduce maintenance costs.
InnovMeta can be used as well during certain production processes that required very high temperature (welding) to protect the surface from getting damaged

Properties and Advantages
SUPER ANTI-CORROSION: protects any surfaces from water and humidity corrosion
HIGH TEMPERATURE RESISTANCE: during welding or under processes involving high temperature, protect the surface avoiding any side-effects
ANTI MOSS/MOLD: Prevents the growth of moss and mold on the surface due to excessive humidity in the environment
ANTIBACTERIAL: Kills a higher percentage of living organisms on the surface (compare to uncoated surfaces) that can be harmful
HIGH CHEMICALS, SCRATCHES AND ABRASION RESISTANCE: protects the surfaces from getting damaged by external elements, preserving its original appaerances.
Surface / Material
  Any metal
Chromed surfaces
  Building facades
Submerged structures (naval)
Other products under harsh conditions or during production processes