InnovStone Clean

InnovStone Clean is a multifunctional coating for concrete, cement, natural stone and composite stones, both for internal or external application. InnovStone clean found is main applications in the construction and architecture industry, to protect buildings from getting dirt and ageing fast as well as to make maintenance of floorings and street easier and cheaper, but it can also be applied for special porpoises as in urban and home furniture, precast products or monuments preservation.

Properties and Advantages
HYDROPHOBICITY: Avoids water (or other liquids) to stops on the surface, reducing the deposition of limestone or other dirt
OLEOPHOBICITY: Enable easy-clean function by avoiding dirt and liquid to attach to the surface. Easy-clean allows to remove any dirt on the surface without any efforts by simple wiping with water or a minimum quantity of detergent
PHOTOCATALYTIC: Enable self-cleaning property, that helps easy-to-clean, antibacterial and anti moss/mold functionalities, by destroying into smaller particles any elements deposited on the surface
UV-LIGHT RESISTANCE: Makes surfaces more resistant against the aging effect of the sun
ANTI MOSS/MOLD: Prevents the growth of moss and mold on the surface due to excessive humidity in the environment
ANTIBACTERIAL: Kills a higher percentage of living organisms on the surface (compare to uncoated surfaces) that can be harmful
Surface / Material
  Concrete, cement
Natural and composite stones
  Buldings exteriors
Streets and Floorings