InnovVitro Solar

InnovVitro Solar is an innovative solution created by Innov’Coat capable to provide several benefit once applied. InnovVitro Solar can be adapted to a client needs and interact with different ranges of light waves, from IR to UV, in order to obtain the desired effect, including self-cleaning, temperature control, anti-aging, enhanced visibility.

Properties and Advantages
IR-LIGHT CUT: blocks infra-red light waves in order to avoid the warming-up of an environment. It can be applied in the building industry as well as in the automotive to reduce the usage of A/C, leading to a significant save of energy and money.
UV-LIGHT CUT: blocks ultra-violet light which is harmful for people and is the main responsible of materials aging process.
SELF-CLEANING: through the its photocatalitic function, the coating is capable to destroy all the dirt particles attached to its surface and – with a minimum effort or simply by rain and wind – keeps itself clean. The process requires natural or artificial light and is guaranteed to be extremely long-lasting
AIR-PURIFIER: through the same process used for self-cleaning, INNOVITRO SOLAR destroys pollution particles, contributing to generates a better environment. If used in interior application, it also eliminates bad smells.
Surface / Material
  Windows (Buildings, automotive)
Furniture and other products (mirrors, shower cabinets, table tops,…)