InnovWood Shield

InnovWood Shield is a multifunctional coating that can be applied to any wood surfaces providing a superior protection against several treats. Both for interior and exterior products, InnovWood shield defends wood surfaces against liquids, scratches and abrasions. Moreover, thanks to its anti-UV light function, slow down significantly the aging process caused by the sun.

Properties and Advantages
HYDROPHOBICITY: Blocks the absorption of water or other liquids, avoiding stains on the surface. It also protects the material from living organisms (bacteria, mold, moss) and structure deformation due to the effect of humidity.
OLEOPHOBICITY: Enable easy-clean function by avoiding dirt and liquid to attach to the surface. Easy-clean allows to remove any dirt on the surface without any efforts by simple wiping with water or a minimum quantity of detergent
ABRASION AND SCRATCH RESISTANCE: Makes surfaces more resistant and durable
UV-LIGHT RESISTANCE: protects the wood from UV-Light, slowing down significantly the aging process and improving color-fastness of the product. As Innov’Coat solution are inorganic-based, the coating does not become yellow due to the same effect of UV-Light
Surface / Material
  Hardwood flooring (parquet)